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RADO Hyperchromic Automatic Chronograph: the metallic gloss ceramic...

March 13, 2014

RADO continues the development of its Hyperchromic collection with the arrival of an attractive and imposing chrono (45 mm / waterproof 100 meters) ceramic high-tech plasma that displays all the characteristics specific to the ceramic with in addition, a metallic aspect. The legitimacy of Rado in the world made ceramics shows...

Imagine what would happen if you could take the white ceramic and transform it into a watch the metallic gloss case. Now, imagine that you can do it without any addition of metal. This handling seem you totally far fetched?

However, Rado, historic ceramics (long before his colleagues) specialist has done it! Using the technology of materials, modern and innovative, Rado took a monobloc casing white hi-tech ceramic, polished and finished, and individual bracelet links Fake omega watches and submitted them to a plasma processing. The result? A collection of pieces with a unique grey metallic sheen.

The tour de force of this technique? A ceramic that looks to the metal without contain! Indeed, ceramic plasma "is 100% ceramic, 100% innovative and 100% Rado" points out the mark in its release.

More specifically, this chrono is announced as "the ideal product to sum up the DNA of the brand. The one-piece housing (45mm waterproof 100 meters), injected at high pressure, is a revolutionary construction. Exhibit exclusively made of ceramic, it does not steel structure, unlike many other timepieces ceramic. It is so light, very scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, very comfortable to wear.

The final solid piece passes in a special oven, where a plasma column active gases to 20,000 ° C. These gases penetrate the ceramic, permanently changing the composition of its surface and reveal a metallic Sheen that is never affadira! This form of modern Alchemy, where the molecular composition of the ceramic is transformed, now dresses the last families Rado models.

This model, as many marketed watches by Rado in recent years, is equipped with a mechanical calibre automatic winding (ETA 2894-2).

Baume & Mercier is the seventh oldest Longines still in activity. Undoubtedly, with this experience, the brand has real expertise in the art of making precise and complicated watches.

This new model, which is part of the Clifton collection, gives a clearer idea of the real dimension of the House Baume & Mercier which, since its foundation in 1830 and in accordance with its motto, means "leave nothing pass and manufacture only watches of the highest quality.

This room is equipped with an exclusive caliber wound. Regulated by a flying tourbillon, this watch refers to the past of the House who, during the 19th century, won ten Grands Prix and seven gold medals during the various universal exhibitions in which she participated... She has also performed at competitions of Chronometry and Audemars piguet replica shone during the 20th century for the quality of performance and the aesthetics of his creations. But this reference also highlights how Baume & Mercier excels in the art of the établissage, an ancestral watch practice dating back to a time before the first manufactures...

This way to design and produce watches is historic and, in essence, legitimate for Baume & Mercier. More concretely, this construction method allowed the Swiss House to realize in 1892 a watch without a key, whose size was regulated by a whirlwind. This sophistication mechanical, consisting of a cage doing a timed round and with the turning effect of the defects of the balance of the balance, was an incredible rarity at the time and his role was to significantly improve the accuracy of the watch being equipped! Complex to manufacture and difficult to adjust, eddies were the prerogative of the best houses that were these bodies their best timepieces, often intended to participate in the Chronometry contest...

The tourbillon watch presented in 1892 by Alcide balm at the Kew Observatory in England, where the brand had established a branch led by Célestin Baume (brother of Louis-Victor), needed to win this year where a triumphant victory impressive score of 91.9 points out of 100. Thanks to this incredible result, this marvel of watchmaking remained for ten years the world's most accurate watch!

This is in honor of this chronograph timepiece out of the ordinary in terms of accuracy and in memory of his glorious past, Baume & Mercier presents this Clifton 1892 flying Tourbillon in a limited edition of 30 copies. Moderated by a mechanical calibre exclusive wound (P591) regulated by a flying tourbillon directed by the Val Fleurier Manufactory, this play revives the tradition of the House offer watches with complications and precision manufactured in the purest tradition of Swiss watchmaking.

Its fly high finishes, with winding ratchet wheel inspired by those of the traditional pocket watches, its "Côtes de Genève" decorations on the bridges, the beadwork on the deck as well as traditional finishes of different components, all assembled by a same watchmaker, are made visible by the large background transparent sapphire glass.

Traditional, this timepiece, made in the rules of the art was thought to be perfectly adapted to the modern world. It is thus equipped with a 50-hour power reserve and leaves show side silver dial opaline, figures and index in 18K red gold riveted applied, an opening to 9 hours allowing to admire, although no bridge Vienna disrupt its observation, gyration timed its delicate tourbillon cage flying.

Studio Design Baume & Mercier was able to dress up this large calibre and make this watch to the generous proportions - 45.5 case diameter mm - falls perfectly on the wrist. Note the ice chevée and curved horns. This watch is available on a hand-sewn alligator, closed by a pin buckle strap.

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